Sanitization/Disinfectant Service

Cleaning is just one part of the total dirt removal service but merely cleaning cannot prevent the dust from re-entering the carpets or rugs etc. There is a need for complete removal of dirt by preventing it from reoccurring. This is achieved by adding a disinfectant or sanitization process.

Royal Canadian Carpet Cleaning does not believe in just temporary perfume spray for eliminating odors and masking your problem, we go for complete elimination of the bacteria that living deep inside fabric and carpets. We use industrial strength products designed and approved by the Health Ministry making them safe for your house hold.

For example Benefect Disinfectant is the main bacteria controlling agent we spray and add with our cleaning process to ensure thorough sanitization. It is approved by Health Canada with a registered DIN number for getting rid of harmful mold, fungi, airborne microbial bacterial and HIV type viruses. The sanitizer helps to make sure that there is no adverse affect on your families and pets health as everything is clean and safe.

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