Tile & Grout Cleaning

How do I clean ceramic, porcelain or marble tiles? How to clean hardwood floors? If these are your questions, then we definitely have an answer for you. Royal Canadian Carpet Cleaning has invested lots of time, money and experience to answer these questions. We have the latest equipment to ensure the job is done right, professionally, and to your standards. The most important aspect of any room is the floor and if your grout lines are old, dirty, and cracking, we have the know-how and equipment to get them back to as close as new!

Royal Canadian firm specializes in Tile & Grout cleaning and gives you’re flooring a revitalized look and a new look to your room. Our trained technicians follow specific procedures and guidelines to perform this service.

Our Process

  • Pre-inspection of the surface and area to be cleaned (Ceramic flooring, hardwood floors cleaning, marble cleaning, porcelain cleaning, simple tile cleaning, grout cleaning etc.).
  • Calculate area, discuss cleaning ideology and agreed pricing.
  • Spray a specifically designed solution for tile and grout helping loosen dirt, grease and particles infused into the pores of tiles and grout.
  • Using a special grout V-angled brush, we agitate the grout lines to free the dirt.
  • Extract and steam wash the tiles and with them lift all the dirt out of the grout.
  • If needed, apply a special tile and grout sealer to allow tiles and grout to stay cleaner longer and help with regular cleaning.

Get exceptional cleaning service at cost effective rates with quick service times, contact Royal Canadian Carpet Cleaning today!

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